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Charades is a word guessing game where one player has to act out a word or action without speaking and other players have to guess what the action is. In this event  the players are typically divided into two teams, members of which take turns at acting out in pantomime a word, phrase, title, etc., which the members of their own team must guess. a word or phrase acted out in this game. Time: Event on 15th Apr 12:00 pm to 01:30 pm.


IT Dept


This is a team event where minimum 2 players to maximum 5 players are required. Only 1 player in each team can see the Charades card to be acted out in each round. Players cannot speak, point at room objects, or move their lips. There is a 2-minute time limit for each actor. Teams take alternating turns until each member from each team has acted out a word/phrase within the given 5 minutes time limit. The team finding the most no. of words will be the winners. In case of ties, a tie-breaker round will be conducted for the teams.


Winner: 2000 INR, Runner: 1000 INR


Dafni Trisha N. R. - 9443192988, Srinath B - 9789649388, Madeshwaran - 78680 08688